Friday, June 24, 2005


Business Orient Architecture (BOA?)

No one knows how to design Service Oriented Architectures from scratch. But that's OK, since no one is really starting from scratch. Perhaps, someday we will have Service Oriented Analysis and Design methodologies. But for now we are all contemplating how to add services to existing legacy systems.

So the important question is how to design a good service. I don’t know the answer to this. But I do know that a good service will be understandable by a business person. If you cannot explain a service to a manager than it is probably a poor choice. That does not necessarily mean that it is a good service. As the enterprise IT architecture evolves and more services are added there will certainly be service re-work and Refactoring

If I had to guess what a service oriented architecture will eventually look like, I would guess that it would reflect the business architecture – Business Oriented Architecture (BOA). Business organizations have evolved over many centuries into a number of common “departments” – sales, accounting, personnel, etc. Perhaps that is a good starting place for services.

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